Nima Khazaei

Email: avzn@xunmnrv.arg (ROT13). Phone: (415) 300-0424.

Relevant Experience

Platform Engineer, Own Point of Sale Corporation, San Francisco, CA. June 2011–March 2012

Led development of Nimbus, a Linux-based operating system for a tablet-based point-of-sale system. Participated in planning and implementation of mechanisms for automated system management at scale. Custom-built Debian packages to automate software deployment, and managed an in-house APT repository to distribute those packages. Wrote a simple physics simulation to implement a natural-looking animation.

Lead Vision Systems Engineer, Cransort, Ann Arbor, MI. March–July 2011

Developed computer vision algorithms for cranberry and blueberry sorting machines. Designed and prototyped custom color sensor hardware. Implemented feature extraction algorithms for translating raw sensor data into parameters describing each berry.

Head of IT Infrastructure, Synod Residential Services, Ypsilanti, MI. December 2007–June 2011

Recruited, organized, and led IT infrastructure team which administered and supported Linux and Windows servers and workstations serving a company of 250 employees in offices across southeastern Michigan. Managed a network implemented with Cisco IOS. Formulated and implemented security policies to meet HIPAA and HITECH regulations. Developed a multi-factor authentication system using public-key infrastructure and cryptographic smart card technology.


Eastern Michigan University

Completed 79 credits toward a BA in biology, 2008–2011. Earned Dean's List recognition.

Projects and Activities


An algorithm to generate cryptographic hashes in the form of English sentences, and a Python implementation thereof. <>


An expansion of poit, an OpenID endpoint, adding support for authentication via one time password hardware cryptographic tokens.

Pioneer High School Robotics Team, FRC 1076

Mentored high school students in the areas of electical and computer engineering as they designed, built, and programmed a competition robot.

All Hands Active

Helped found a community workshop focusing on technology, and served on its Board of Directors. This 'makerspace' was the first of its kind in Ann Arbor, MI. <>